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He died for Me

When I think of the ultimate sacrafice
It makes me wanna cry
What did I do so great
For him to have to die?

I mean everybody has a hero
who dies for a good
but this man layed his life down
for the future that stood

My heart was filled with sorrow
when I heard this man's name
Jesus they would call out
I hung my head in shame

I don't deserve the right
to praise his name
I was out doing wrong;
these things I did the same

So I went to my Lord Jesus
lifted up to him
Please can you forgive me
forgive me of my sin.

Then my heart felt funny
the most wonderful feeling
his blessing reached from heaven
His love was completely healing.

So when you are doing
what you shouldn't do
Just think of how this man loved you
and how he died for you.

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