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Finish tha story.. Read this part of the story and finish it in your own way. The best variations of the story will be posted!(wow...isn't that exciting =-| )
This is for the ladies..

One day, Ariyana was walking down the street on her way to this party that she was invited too.Making sure she was extra fine today she was donnin' her Tommy jean suit with the Tim'z (untied of course), and got her nails done too. She was comming around the corner when she saw Donnele, her boyfriend walking up to the door of the party. "Shoot" she yelled out. "Okay I'mma play this on the sneak and get my freak on too. Just gotta make sure he don't see me." So Ariyana continued her way to the party,just going thru the backdoor. An hour into the party Ariyana has got hers on the sneak tip when she wad to go use the bathroom. She knew how nasty Nicey's bathroom was so she walked out side to go use the bathroom at the store across the street when she was her man kissing on the "Scandlous Slut" or that's what everybody called her. That's when..... this is for the men..

Eric was a ladies man. He had ladies callin his house EVERY night. And to make matters worse he had a steady woman LIVING with him.Farah,his woman, was no dummy, she knew this negro was doing something on the d/l,but you just can't go accusing people. Tonight was Eric's night. He had just scored big with this girl name Tammy, and on his way home he had stopped by the gas station and got Tranika's home address, "told him to stop on by when he had a chance" and while in his car Nicole had beeped him 2 times.Well things were about to catch up with him, but hey he's a playa! While at this party, he had met up wit his dog Donnele and they was going get some tonight, because Ariyana was in night school and Farah was at work. They was scopping out the party when some girl came up to Donnele and took him away. So it was just Eric, when Tammy, Tranika, Nicole AND FARAH showed up all walking towards him at once."Now how am I gonna get out of this one....


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