My Sistahs

Who had my back?
Who was there when he was no good?
Who was there when nobody would listen

My Sisters

Like you remeber that time?
That Summer and That Christmas Break?
Oh yeah and That Room 109?
It was like no other
and who did I spend it with?

My Sisters

We put the Hot in the Gurlz
Of course it don't come no better
You'd borrow my Timz
I get that phat sweater.

Go to each one's house
(Of course one was filled wit Jiggas!!)
Always calling Mac or Stacy, scheming to
get a ride to da rink
Our love ain't come no bigga

To My Sistas
The ones that got my back
Tiffany Toya Gina and Sam
Will you be there to keep me on track?

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