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      We Are:

        Ashley "Baby Girl" Wike b.k.a.Vita....{That Fiesty Chick}
        Samantha "PoohBear" Bell b.k.a..... So Sexual
        Toya "Lovely" Powell b.k.a..... Suga Mommy
        Gina "Pebbles" Hogan b.k.a.... SOG {Same Ole Gina}
        Tiffany "Strawberry "McNeil b.k.a..... CHRIStina


      To be the hottest gurlz alive, be the girls that achieve something in life, the ones that steal girls’ boyfriends and husbands, and the ones that make those other niggas heads turn and follow them every step of the way.

      Songs: We on Fire (Hot Boyz) Hot Boys (Missy) Creep Inn (Ideal)

      Back-up songs: Back that ass up (Juvi) Why Can’t We be Friends (Varsity Boys) Thong Song (Sisqo) Anything (Jay-Z)

      Dress Code: Plaid, Tech Vest, Anything because we look fine in ANYTHING.

      Drinks: Sprite, Mello Yellow, and Citra

      Colors: Blue/Black/Red/Purple

      Movie: The Wood,What’s Love Got to Do with It, Friday, Harlem Nights, Comming to America, Love & Basketball

      Restaurant: Burger King & Pizza Hutt.

      Shopping: The Mall & Wal-Mart (For Ash)

      TV Shows: The Parkers, Jamie Foxx, & The Lyricist Lounge

      Location: Godwin, Hope Mills, Eastover, and Baywood

      Fav. Hang Out: Skating Rink, Tiff’s House, and Toya’s House

      Fav. Artist: Destiny’s Child (the originals), IDEAL, DMX, Nas, Hot Boys

      Car: Lexus& BMW

      Best Friends: Each other!!!

      Fav. Hobbies: Chillin on the phone using 5-way, w/ each other, being w/ our jiggas

      Our Hot Boys:

        Chris*Marcus*Ant-man*Stacy*Lionel* Juan*Kelly*Dee*Los* John*T.W*Mack*Brian* Monday*L-man*Jesse*Javon*El Deleon*Cory*

      Fav Sayin’s:

        No Miss!
        Suuuuga Daddies!
        That’s not Cute Miss!
        Thank you Please
        Aww Shut up!