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Name: Ashley "Brie"Wike

Nick Names: Baby Girl, Ash, ShorTay, Ashy, Minty, Peppa, Tallahasse Suga, Suga Momma,LiLMissMatrix,LiLOne(<--eww),Da Crazy Hot Gurl

Birthday: June 8, 1983

Birth Place: Cape Fear Vally

Location: Fayetteville NC "Da Ville"

Nationality: African American / Indian (I still tryna figa out what happen to "good hair" Cuz I sho nuff ain't got it)

Siblings: 1 brother Ronnie , two little sisters twins (Amber & Alyse)

"Other siblings"

Mac- my big bruva. He go to ECU. Love ya Maccie. Jigga can dance!

Carlos"Los"- my other big bruva. He really be looking out for me. He said that if I'm down here acting fast he gonna woop my tail.

Stacy- I really don't know what category to put him in so I'll leave him here. Althouhg he is my Suga Daddy (*wink*)

School/Grade: That Cape Fear High School , Class of 2002 ( da best )

Status: Kinda Sorta with That Matrix right now (wink)

Personality: Out going, perky, hyper, flirty, sporty, lazy, up for risks/dares, loud, giving, & fun(igcognito freak but don't tell my momma or Los)

Stufisis to do: Singing( with talent or lack of) , dancing, shopping, hanging out wit dem Hot Gurlz at the skating rink and with them Hot Boyz in Godwin. Skating, writing, being Ash dat "Godwin" girl.

Favorite Colors: Tantalizing Blue, Sexy Red, and Suga Brown (ya'll like dem adjectives don't ya?)

Favorite Movies: The Wood, Friday, The 7th Sign, The Little Mermaid, The Prince of Egypt, What's Love Got to Do with It, Dirty Dancing.

Favorite Songs: "Stay"- Destiny'z Child "Your Love is Incredible"- Sisqo "Thong Song"-Sisqo "The Beautiful Ones" Mariah Carey & Sisqo "BlackOut"-Red & Meth " Creep Inn" Ideal "Always Be My Baby" Mariah Carey "On & On" Erykah Badu.

Favorite Music Artists: Mariah Carey, Sisqo, Destiny'z Child, Red & Meth, Whitney Houston, Brittany Spears, Christina Agliraia ( howeva you spell) , N'Sync, DMX, NAs, Jay-Z, Tamar, Missy, Nicole, Celine Dieon, Ideal, Dru Hill, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Erykah Badu.Vita,Ja Rule,Rah Digga, Busta Rhymes,Eve,Redman, Method Man

Hot Gurlz: Samantha, Tiffany , Gina, Toya! These are my gurlz for life. I don't know what I would do without them! I love you guys. You are always there for me. Even tho you call me out ( TOYA & TIFFANY) I forgive you! Dem Hot Gurlz Hot Gurlz~

Sayings ( Hot Gurlz& Hot Boys)-

  • Aww Shut Up!
  • Thong Thong Thong! ,
  • That's a slap,
  • My Sunshine has come UHH UHH,
  • That's not cute miss,
  • Cut up,
  • I like daaat ,
  • Ya'll slepping on it referes to whatever ya talking bout )
  • Ya'll don't know nuffin bout this.
  • Thank You Please!
  • Say Do What?
  • You to BE to BE acting like that!
  • Mello Yellow ain't cha cuz? This is that Godwin Summa 1999 Winter Break 1999 Skating Rink2000 stuff.

    Our Hot Boys: (most of them in Kode) : J-Y Kelly, El Deleon, Law books, Ken Griffy Jr, Ant-man,Monday,John,The Matrix,Kirby Toys,TnT,Lonnie,Chris,Marcus,John,Stacy,Mac,Carlos,Juan,Domonic,Jovie,D-man.